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GM 6'6"x21"x2 3/4"=42.2L

$599.00 $899.00

GM General Manager

This is an Amazing model created from the desire to have a versatile 2+1 board that “paddles like a longboard, rides like a short board”
Longboarders wanting a smaller board to manage in bigger surf, or older Surfers wanting a step up for paddling in currents will have their surfing fire re-ignited with this thing!

This board will blow you away with its turning ability, it feels so stable and locked in through a turn due to its refined rails and pin tail that you can keep pushing harder and harder through each turn.

When designing this board we wanted a board to surf the points when it gets too big for a log but what we got is a board that could almost replace every other board for the traditional or longboard rider.

We make it with a 2+1 fin setup so ride it Single or with sidebites for more control thru Turns. 

This board does not come with supplied fins. but we could perhaps find you a set for extra money so its ready and Waiting..

Glassed with 6oz glass and nice resin colors.. its a Keeper!

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