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GV 6'4x19 1/2x2 9/16=33.2L

$479.00 $749.00
The Garden Variety is Your everyday amazing traditional shortboard.
 Morphed and refined over countless hours of performance surfing by experienced individuals, the Garden Variety model has been designed by Dave as the ultimate performance board in our Diverse range. Want to win your local club round or blow your friends away in the water? This board has all the potential you need. Single to double concave blended with an advanced rocker gives you speed and control for every situation. Choose your favourite thruster set of fins and go throw buckets or blow minds at you local today.
This one Comes with FCS2 plugs, but no fins. its constructed in Traditional PU foam and Fibreglass 4x4x4 and Has some Amazing art by a local balinese artist. its got a small dent on bottom the size of a 20c piece.. not broken or cracked.. really minor bump...  you can have a really good deal...