RM 5'6x19 1/2x2 5/16=27.2L Dynocore

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This Board is Constructed in Dynocore Technology.  The Colorwork was done to Avoid Yellowing, All Surfboards yellow over Time, But not if they are Blue lol.. This one Has FCS2  five fin setup, but does not come with fins included..

The Racing Mullet is a wave catching machine that can be thrown around and punt in the slop or flow down the line when it turns on.

The flat entry rocker and wide nose means this thing picks up any bump in the ocean and gets you in early when its bigger, combine this with the double concave running all the way through and you have a board that gets up and plaining straight away to make the most out of any conditions.

The full outline and wide round tail combined with the 5 fin set up make this the most versatile board going around. Set it up as a thruster in the small stuff to throw around and slide the tail, or change up to a quad for crazy speed and hold on the better days.

This board has volume but don’t be fooled into thinking it is a boat, low rails and thinner foil throughout the board mean this thing will bite and respond when you put it on a rail.

The RM looks like a small wave board but can be ridden in waves up to 6 ft.


Asher tested the Racing Mullet in Indo recently for the Waves board test, here is what he had to say;

This board is epoxy, its really light and got a couple of crazy features. The deck’s scooped out and there’s a slight concave under your front foot. Having no stringer, you can kinda feel it spring you in and out of turns and I think thats definitely a positive thing. My first surf on this board was in kinda small conditions but it was actually really wedgey and punchy, so I could pick up a few things out of that surf. One was that it sprung out of turns really well. It felt really positive and lively and thats normally something I look for in a good, fun short board. I think it would probably be suited to more general beach breaks in Australia, where you wants to get a bit more out of your surf. Its a high performance board, I’ve got no doubts about that, and its got some features that really serve their purpose. 

Asher was surfing a 5’6 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4 Dynocore Racing mullet with 25 liters, its one of our most popular shapes for someone looking for a good all round shortboard. Its a great beach break groveler and lights up when put in good conditions. Combine this with the extra durability, spring and speed you get out of turns from the Dynocore construction and you can see why we cant keep up with the demand for this particular model.